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Cooperation Application
  • 1999-01-01
    Abundance International Education Institute (AIEI) was founded by Mr. Henry Hui in 1999. Since the very start it has set its focus on international education and related investments. AIEI Hong Kong and later AIEI Shenzhen came into existence in 2002.
  • 2003-01-01
    Partnered with Royal Roads University (RRU) in Canada to be one of the first to bring international degree education and MBA education to China.
  • 2005-01-01
    AIEI successfully held RRU annual alumni event in Shenzhen, drawing over 600 alumni participants. This event set an example for similar events in China.
  • 2006-01-01
    Huang Mountain International Forum took place at the famous place of interest Mt. Huang, receiving important scholars from the US and Canada as well as RRU students to discuss development strategies for the Chinese economy.
  • 2007-01-01
    Then governor of British Columbia Mr. Gordon Kampball visited AIEI in honor of AIEI’s and especially its chairman Mr. Henry Hui’s special contribution to RRU.
  • 2010-01-01
    RRU Global Alumni Event was held at Baolilai Hotel, Shenzhen, gathering over one thousand top students. Participants signed petition to promote environmental protection awareness. This event was deemed as one of the most influential of its kind in China that year.
  • 2011-01-01
    AIEI was the first to incorporate Chinese culture study-visits into international MBA curricula. Partnered with top European institution University of Liege HEC Liege and started to offer 2+2, EMBA and EMAM programs in China. Commissioned by Victoria State government of Australia, AIEI organized an important Sino-Australian business forum hosting over one thousand entrepreneurs from both countries, among whom 550 Australian entrepreneurs from 16 different industries and 600 Chinese entrepreneurs from the Pearl River Delta. The forum comprises 5 industry-specific sub-forums ranging from education, high-tech, to travel, automobile and cultural exchange.
  • 2012-01-01
    HEC Liege, University of Liege EMBA first cohort opening ceremony successfully held, heralding a bright outlook for the university in China.
  • 2013-01-01
    On behalf of the Royal Roads University Alumni Association, Chairman Hui visited Victoria, the capital of BC, and surrounding cities to investigate the investment environment, and gave a keynote speech on "Sino-Canadian Cultural Exchanges and Educational Investments" for provincial and municipal officials at the welcome banquet .
  • 2014-01-01
    AIEI Chairman Mr. Henry Hui, GM Mrs. Joan Zhou, and Dean of HEC Liege, Prof. Wilfried, meeting with Mr. Qi the Dean of School of Management, Shenzhen University, discussing the details of the "2 + 2" program memorandum.
  • 2015-01-01
    1、Introduced, planned and managed by AIEI, the “2+1+1+1” international education program between University of Liege (Belgium) and Shenzhen University (China), was formally signed in Shenzhen at the witness of Her Majesty, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, an unprecedented feat in such cooperation. 2、Reached framework agreement with Universite Du Vin (France) on “3+1” and “2+2”programs, unique and innovative service training programs tailored for China. 3、College of Management (SZU) MBA Angel Fund officially launched. AIEI donated one million RMB to the fund for incubating MBA entrepreneurs’ start-up projects.
  • 2016-01-01
    March 2016→AIEI established partnership with FIGS group, which comprises of 21 universities, the largest private education institution in France, and is well positioned to promote the programs from IDRAC Business School, ICD International Business School and ESCD 3A in China, and to implement the "2 + 2"/MBA/EDBA programs.|June 2016→AIEI established cooperative relationship with Hochschule Fresenius of Germany, marking history in Sino-Germany cooperation in the field of applied science and technology education.→Italy is globally well known for its creative designs, and NABA is one of the crown jewels of its art education. AIEI successfully developed cooperation relationship with NABA. |July 2016→AIEI became the Northern Arizona Unviersity’s representative in China, and soon planned and promoted the "2+2" program with the College of Management at Shenzhen University with great speed and efficiency. |August 2016→Dr.Jeet Joshee, Vice President of California State University, Long Beach , accompanied by AIEI Chairman Mr. Henry Hui, visited Shenzhen University and had an in-depth discussion with relevant parties on the 2+2 program cooperation.
  • 2017-01-01
    January 2017→IDRAC Business School started its first cohort in China with a grand opening ceremony, marking the formal entrance of IDRAC’s elite French business education to China. |May 2017→The 2017 edition of NAFSA took place in Los Angeles. AIEI GM Ms. Joan Zhou met with old and new partners and had delightful conversations at the convention. |August 2017→Mr. Patrick Nijs, former Belgian Ambassador to China and permanent honorary ambassador, visited the Shenzhen offices of AIEI and referred top quality international education programs to AIEI. |September 2017→AIEI participated in the initiative of Shenzhen local businesses and education institutions of paying condolence visits to wartime veterans to commemorate Chinese soldiers’ efforts during the Anti-Japanese War. |October 2017→Accompanied by Mr. Patrick Nijs, former Belgian Ambassador to China, the AIEI delegation visited the Foreign Affairs College of Universiteit Brussel. The teams conducted in-depth research and held discussions on the cooperation of graduate programs in economic diplomacy and international business, and signed framework agreement on collaboration. |November 2017→*A group of graduate students from HEC Liege, University of Liege, Belgium, arrived in Shenzhen and had a week-long academic and cultural exchange visit.
  • 2018-01-01
    April 2018→AIEI’s close partner, Dr. Bernard Terrany, Director of the international program of France IPAG Business School, and Dr. Raphael Lissillour, Program Director, visited AIEI offices in Shenzhen. |May 2018→Mrs. Rudaja Ksenia, Director of the International Department of Southwest State University (SWSU) of Russia, and Mr. Shree, Marketing Director of Asia, visited AIEI. The two sides reached a cooperative framework on the promotion of MBA\DBA programs in China. |June 2018→Signing ceremony of "University of Liege - Xi 'an University of Technology's '2+1+1+1' program" was held in Xi 'an University of Technology and turned out to be a grand success. |August 2018→Students of Bachelor-Master Combined Program between Shenzhen University and University of Liege are ready to embark on study trip to University of Liege in Belgium. |September 2018→The 2018 France IDRAC Business School MBA Opening Ceremony was held at Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Mr. Marc Castagnet, Director of FIGS Higher Education Group, attended the ceremony. |November 2018→The Russia Southwest State University (SWSU) DBA Program Opening Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. Shenzhen university leaders and some of the doctoral supervisors were invited to the ceremony. |December 2018→The France IDRAC Business School MBA graduates went to alma mater to attend graduation ceremony, joined by a total of 3000 local graduates from all ten campuses to witness the glorious moment.
  • 2019-01-01
    January 2019→At the beginning of the New Year, the leaders and professors of Northern Arizona University came all the way from the United States to visit AIEI. Both sides met to make out an integrated plan for the upcoming MPA program. |March 2019→Under the careful planning and arrangement of AIEI. 80+ students of IDRAC Business School from Paris, Lyon, Nice, Nantes and Grenoble had a wonderful three-day visit tour to local businesses in Shenzhen. |April 2019→"50+ AIEI alumni embarked on a Buddhism tour to experience the unique Buddhist lifestyle. |June 2019→The opening ceremony of EMF (Executive Master of Finance) from HEC Liege was held in Suzhou, making its official debut in China. |August 2019→At the invitation of Kaiser university, AIEI team visited the main campus and flagship campus of Kaiser university. Both parties exchanged insights and had in-depth talk over matters of cooperation. |September 2019→Opening ceremony of Executive Master of Advanced Management (EMAM) of HEC Liege, Liege University kicked off in Shanghai. HEC liege executive education programs have become the top choice for many entrepreneurs and executives in China. |October 2019→The grand graduation ceremony of HEC Liege was held in Modave Castle, an event attended by nearly 200 graduates from various teaching centers, with their friends and families. |November 2019→The opening ceremony of ESCA 3A’s first MBA cohort was held in Shanghai, offering a highly cost-effective MBA solution to Chinese audience. |December 2019→A grand opening ceremony of the Northern Arizona University Master of Public Administration program was held in Hangzhou. It is the first ever US MPA degree program offered on the Chinese adult education market.

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